Show Gardens

Garden meets city

Garden city Waidhofen a/d Ybbs

Embrace nature and enjoy one of the many green spots in Waidhofen, in the city’s centre as well as right next to the castle. Close your eyes and listen to the joyful laughter of a child, or the lively chatters of passers-by and tourists, and the murmuring of the river Ybbs in the background.

The castle’s park was redesigned for the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition in 2007 and since then it has remained a meeting point for all, old and young. You can enjoy the shade or blooming shrubs, while children have ample space to run and play. In 2016, the park was planned according to strict criteria of “nature’s garden” and pathways were reorganised to create larger green areas. The different types of plants represent the different elements of the region’s landscape, just like the geranium with its distinct blue colour represents the river Ybbs.

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Green Waidhofen

... the gardens and parks are a place for people and animals to get some fresh air and relax. 

The signature "Show Garden". Still growing since 2007. 

The huge magnolia there provides privacy for a "busserl" (kissy).

Closed off free-range zone for the four-legged friends together with their masters & mistresses. 

Get off the train and through the park to the city center!

Was once called the "Mayor's Garden" and was returned to the people in 2015.

Gemeinschaftsgärten Krautberg
Nature connection in community togetherness

Schwarzbach Areal
THE insider tip for hot summer days!

The traditional Brass band concerts are held here every year in the summer.

Gemeinschaftsgärten Zell 
Nature connection in community togetherness

The gardens at the Buchenberg

Edible forest garden at the Buchenberg
Here you can taste small delicacies & take them home with you.

Generation Park
Sports equipment banishes boredom and increases general fitness.

Devotional garden at the Buchenberg
Special features from the plant world

Mushroom garden at the Buchenberg
Rarities from the world of mushrooms


Für 10 bis 16 Personen

€ 620,00 pro Person

Frühstücksschlemmer- Picknick im Schwarzbach Areal

Morgenstund hat Genuss im Mund!

22€ pro Person

Grillpackage in der Schwarzen Kuchl

ab 10 Personen

€ 30,00 pro Person


Gärtnern findet Stadt!

€ 80,- (bis zu 10 Erwachsene)

Picknicken im Schwarzbach-Areal

Grüne Stadt-Oase trifft Genuss

32 € pro Person

Privatfeier | Schwarze Kuchl

für bis zu 150 Personen

ab 366 €