Salon Albert

Extravagant atmosphere. The historic wood panelled walls and the original Rothschild wooden elements define the character of Salon Albert, the place to celebrate like a baron. The vast window fronts towards river Ybbs give the salon a bright and friendly atmosphere. Whatever your heart desires, in Salon Albert you can find it, may it be a sociable dinner, a seminar in a friendly surrounding or a pleasant celebration.

Facts & Highlights

Stucco ceiling

41 m²


40 persons

Ideal for:

  • Celebrations

Special features & equipment

  • Historic stucco ceiling and parquet floor

  • Additional floor sockets and network connections

  • Panelling Completely darkened by window sashes

Our offer in the Salon Albert

Privatfeier | Trauungssalon + Salon Albert

für bis zu 70 Personen

ab 490 €

Tafeln wie die Rothschilds

von 10-50 Personen

€ 79,00 pro Person

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