Wedding Salon

Reach out to heaven in a dignified atmosphere. This is an unforgettable location for your wedding and other celebrations in the Rothschild Castle. A tasteful room with wood panelled walls that underline the importance of these premises and connect history with modernity. Through the winter garden you can directly access the platform above the river Ybbs.

Facts & Highlights

Dignified ambience

45 m²

Access to the platform over the Ybbs

50 persons

Ideal for:

  • Celebrations
  • Wedding
  • Tastings

Special features & equipment

  • Light dimmable

  • Passage to the platform above the Ybbs

  • Completely darkened by window sashes

  • Historic parquet floor

Our offer in the Wedding Salon

Private party | Wedding salon + Salon Albert

for up to 70 people

from 490€

Wedding ceremony | Wedding salon

for up to 45 persons

from 192 €

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